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    I smoked andouille Sunday. I used beef middle casing. THe temp was in the 60’s and it was raining. I used sure gel and the amount of water that is used in snack sticks. I started at 120 degrees and went up 10 degrees each hour. I got the internal temp up to 132 and had the temp of the master built smoker at like 180. I waited for over an hour and the temp wouldn’t rise. I took the andouille links out after about 6 hours in the smoker and finished in the oven because the middle of the sausage didn’t seem done enough and my wife said the color wasn’t dark enough. They didn’t look the same as a successful batch I did a few weeks ago. Any ideas on what could have happened?

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    Sounds like a stall, stalls can take some time to get through.
    How long did it take you the last time?

  • Team Orange

    I do my andouille in 35mm hog casings and haven’t had any problems. I start at 120 for an hour them add smoke and slowly dump up the temp for four hours them no smoke at 180 untill I get an internal temp of 153.

  • Here in Minnesota at 35 to 50 outside I preheat smoker to 225 load sausage and set temp to smoke 170 for 1hr then 180 for 2 hours then 225 till sausage temp hits target
    After 5 hours if not at 163 inside temp set smoker temp at 275 and have two temp gages on smoker .

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