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    I was talking to some of my friends and the discussion came up that as people who lack vision it is up to us to express our needs and our need for independence. When asking for information about the pk100 smoker I failed to do this. I went back and read the answers that were provided. I have narrowed things down to 1 request for information. Since I am unable to see the display on the pk100 I need to know, after pressing the set button twice, the up and down buttons are then pressed. When these buttons are pressed, does the smoker go up to 250 and wrap around from 60 and up again? or does it stop at 60 and you can’t go down any more. An example of this is, my sous vide cooker starts at the temp of the water. If you hold the up button down it goes up. When it reaches the maximum temp it starts at 100 again. Given this situation I cannot use the cooker without sighted help and I have to give up my independence and ask for help which is something I absolutely hate to do.
    I debone and grind my own meat, mix and stuff my own sausage, package label and freeze my creations. I also cure, smoke and slice my own bacon. The reason I mention all of this that some how some way if the pk100 can be used by blind with yall help I will make it happen Sorry for the long post

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    no_eyes_processor Never frett to ask us a question, both Austin and I are more than willing to do what we can to help you out. I answered before on the question on if this retains the same temp as it ended at but I didn’t read this one until now. Sorry about that, I didn’t get to this one until now. I had 0 time to get to meatgistics either this weekend or yesterday but I am gonna get current today come hell or high water!

    Okay, so I just ran over and checked it and both up and down it goes around the the other side. So to be more clear if I am at 60 and I press the down arrow it goes to 250 and then if I am at 250 and press up it goes back around to 60

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    I can’t think of any way to get around that problem other than something like an infared talking thermometer that you could use to see where it is set?

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    no_eyes_processor Hey there, Can’t say I have much knowledge with this issue, but did a search on the internet and there are braille outputs that take an input to an led display and converts that to braille

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