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  • Team Blue Dry Cured Sausage Admin Walton's Employee Canning

    That last one is afterni cleaned it, any meat processing equipment (including lugs and knives) should be well cleaned before it’s first use. Let me know if that’s not what yours looked like, if it is then that’s what it should look like and do a basic initial clean

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    Jonathon The one I received was not wrapped in plastic. The plastic bag was in the bottom of the box loose. The paddle was loose, unwrapped, and bouncing around inside during shipping. The one you show is in better shape than the one I have. Is the meat tank bead blasted or dement {I hope I spelled that right} coated? I am familiar with marine and industrial dement coating and don’t believe that is food safe. I wouldn’t want to end up growing an extra eye or ear in a couple of years. I would have to change my name to Triclops or something else. I will try washing the unit and see if I can get mine to look as good as yours, but I don’t think it will come out as nice as yours. The unit is what I’ve been looking for with the tilting tank and being able to hook up to my Weston #22 grinder motor I bought from ya’ll. I will let you know what I come up with after I wash it and hope to get all the oil and grease spots out of it. I have a 20 lb. mixer and didn’t look like this one out the box. I will let you know what I come up with. Thank You Jason

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    jason.neucere I’m going to have someone in our customer service department contact you for a replacement. We will send a shipping label for that one and send a new one. If you haven’t already done it please don’t clean or make any other adjustments to this one, I want to see it as close to how you got it as possible.

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    And I appologize, these are new units so I have no clue how you got one in this condition. The one I took out of stock for and sent as a prize for a livestream winner and the one I checked for this post were both in perfect condition.

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    OK I will look at the next one and hope its in good shape. Are these units bead blasted or dement coated. If they are dement coated, are food safe? I’m familiar with industrial and marine dement coating and don’t believe that process is food safe. Could you let me know? Thank You Jason

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    Well I survived Hurricane Zeta’s 114 mph winds. I was just checking in to see if ya’ll received the mixer that was shipped back. I tried to wrap the paddle part in newspaper but I didn’t have enough to due the job, so I just put it in the tank and packed as best I could. I hope to hear back soon. We are starting to get cooler weather here and my brother has 11 pigs and we want to kill a few pretty soon and I will need that mixer. I have a 20 lb. and I don’t want to be tag teaming on the crank on the mixer. I ordered the 50 lb. to us the motor on my #22 grinder I bought from ya’ll a while back. I had my shoulder rebuilt last February and I really don’t want to give it that much of a workout, its doing really good right now and I would hate to mess it up. Thank You Jason

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    jason.neucere I havent seen it yet and I asked to be alerted when it came in. Do you have your replacement yet? Let me know if not and I will make sure it is sent out asap. Glad you survived the 114 mph winds, thats insane!

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    The tree branches were breaking everywhere. My neighbor across the street has or had a tree in his back yard that was very old. The trunk was about four feet in diameter. I was watching out the front windows out on our screened in front porch when the eyewall of the storm got to us, shingles from all the houses were flying all over my neighborhood. The screen on my front porch was getting hit by the shingles tearing holes all over. We had Our roof covered by shingles rated for 130 mph so we lost only few shingles in two spots. We did that because we were tired of having to recover our roof to often. Every few years we would get hit by a storm we would half to recover the whole roof. Back to that hugh tree my neighbor had, It was swinging back and forth like it was a twig. It was one of tallest trees in the neighborhood. I used shoot birds out the top of it when I was a kid, I’m 57 yrs. old right now, so the tree was really old but not rotten or anything. As I watch it swinging back and forth nearly disappearing behind his house it swung real far all of a sudden and didn’t stop, it went down. Then about ten or fifthteen minutes later the wind died down,we were in the eye of the storm. The sun even came out for a few minutes. I went outside to see the damaged. That tree that went down, it broke at the trunk. It didn’t pull out the roots like most trees that fall over. The neighborhood was outside looking at the damage. The storm was on the 28th of last month. We still have people without power because of all the poles down. We were on generator power till Sunday night. Our cable and internet is still on generator power because where the grid is powered there is still no power, so sometime we lose cable and internet because the generator runs out of gas. Well lets get back to the mixer. I was going threw my emails last night, so I was checking to see if ya’ll had received the other mixer. Then further down my emails I came across the email from ya’ll that I should get a shipment tomorrow. So Thank you very much. Jason

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    jason.neucere Having lived on the Gulf Coast all my life, I know just how much one’s life can change within hours. Been there, done that. Prayers for you and your neighbors to heal from this. What I do know from experience is that people facing such storms are particularly resilient and will always come back

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    THank You I’m getting ready to see if I can find some shingles to repair my roof. Thank You everybody Jason

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