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    Hi Temp Cheese, Will it BBQ?!

    Will it BBQ? Bull Testicles!

    In this segment we pose the question and the answer to Will it BBQ? So much more than just hamburgers, hot dogs, and other meats can be BBQ'd, Grilled, or Smoked. And, this is where we try out unique ideas for cooking on a grill or smoker. This week we are BBQ'ing Bull Testicles and letting you know if it will BBQ or not!


    Prep Time

    10 Minutes

    Cook Time

    3-4 Minutes


    Bull Testicles
    Bloody Mary Wing Shake
    Egg Wash

    Utensils Needed

    Aluminum Cooking Trays


    The first thing we did was remove the tough outer skin, depending on how they were butchered this might either be easy or difficult. We bought them from a good local butcher so this was fairly simple, just a quick slice and then the skin peeled away fairly easily. We then sliced them into 4 slices per testicle. Looking back we should have cut these much thinner, I would recommend somewhere around 1/2 inch thick pieces. We then added some Bloody Mary Wing Shake to some flour and took 4 eggs, added some water and whisked them together to create an egg wash. We put them in the flour then the egg wash, then back in the flour, back in the egg and finally back in the flour. Next, we heated some peanut oil to 350° and fried these for a few minutes until they were golden brown. We temped them after 4 minutes and they were around 170° so we pulled them. Finally, we squeezed some lemon juice onto them and tried them out.

    So, Will it BBQ?

    Not the way we did them, no! The texture was somewhat rubbery and chewy. Now, we have heard from people that part of that might have been that we cut them too thickly or that we should have par-boiled them first. IF, and that is a BIG IF, we ever try this again we will cut them thin for sure! However, I will say that the breading was delicious, the Bloody Mary works very well with the flour for a fried breading and we will be using this for future recipes.

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    Hi Temp Cheese

    Hi Temp Cheese
  • Team Blue

    Been there, done that…don’t want to do it again!

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    Cut at bout 1/4" thick.
    Almost everyone over cooks them, makes them rubbery
    Take them out about 20 to 30 seconds after they float depending on thickness, temp. etc.
    They should be very tender.

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    Jonathon you guys have more BALLS than i got

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