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People who own, or are very interested in owning a PK-100 smoker.

  • RE: Beef liver dog treats

    Shoot. Add a little S&P and garlic powder to that, and that could be a TexLaw treat!

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  • RE: solutions to temperature setting by no_Eyes_Processor

    I also have no problem closing the PK 100 door on a probe wire. The seal is very good.

    If you were terribly concerned about it, you could run the probe wire through the smoke stack. It is short enough for a long probe wire. However, I just don’t see an issue.

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  • RE: Any Mechanics?

    Joe Hell I love that truck man, I like old trucks for some reason, my wife always tenses up when I see one for sale! Denny that was the first thing I checked, I have had that happen before. Chef I will check to see if the rotor is warped, hopefully, that isn’t the issue.

    Mine has 220,000 on it so I’ve got a while to go before I reach 327,000…in all honesty I doubt I will get there as I drive about 8 miles a day since I work so close to my house but who knows, maybe Il have the truck for another 20 years!

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  • RE: Liver Recipes

    For tongue, I like to smoke it on the pit for a couple hours or so and then finish it up by braising (or in the crock pot) with whatever sounds good until it’s tender. I usually add a little onion, cumin, and Mexican oregano, but I do keep it simple. I might even add nothing. It’s easy enough to add seasonings to smaller portions and cook a little longer to get rid of any raw spice flavor.

    For liver, yeah, just sprinkle a little salt on it and fry it up and don’t overcook it (leave it at least a little pink). Grind some pepper over it when it’s done. You also can chicken fry it.

    Personally, I haven’t done anything with kidneys, but I love a kidney pie. I also had some deviled kidneys and loved them.

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  • RE: deer missing back strap ( I hope this is ok to post ) may be to much fore some

    Joe Hell Yeah it is a loin but I think the term has become so main stream that most people just go with it. Butchers are probably a little more sensitive to it than most as they spend way more times hands on with primals and subprimals than most.

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  • RE: Best stuffer for snack sticks.

    jroby3646 The other thing I would say is that 17mm is going to be tough on any hand crank stuffer. You can make it easier by adding some extra water but then you have to cook out that extra water you added in so your cook will take longer and I think it effects the consistency of the stick. Switching to 19mm is generally what we suggest. We used to include a 10mm stuffing tube so people could do as small as 16mm but the gears weren’t handling that as well as we wanted so we went ahead and removed the 10mm tubes from the box. They can still be purchased but that way we think it makes it more clear that we don’t recommend stuffing less than 19mm with hand crank. And on the 26 and 33 lb models stuffing into a 17mm casing is a serious workout!

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  • RE: How To Make Homemade Smoked Ham - Recipe

    grenier32 Weigh all of them then add that weight up and calculate the amount. Then inject each one individually so it is pumped to the correct %. But we need to know a few things here. First, why add sure cure? Ham/Bacon Cures already have the cure mixed in to correctly impart a specific amount of ongoing nitrate in PPM. What cure are you using? 2nd, you are doing 12? Are you doing this commercially or do you just have a bunch of friends family who all want hams?

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  • RE: The Republic of Meatgistica

    Having a decent amount of Welsh blood in my veins, this could be a great way to get a spot in one of my many homelands.

    Talk about a great party house!

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  • RE: How to take temp.

    atcone155 If you have something like the Meater or Meater plus that will work but you’ll probably have to cut the bag at the seal and temp them and then reseal it. Shouldnt be more than 1 hour though.

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  • RE: Breakfast Sausage - Season before or after?

    I don’t think it matters all that much, either. Some say that seasoning before a grind can increase some wear on your plates and knives, but I have a hard time imagining much a difference to a home user.

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